About The EMC&W

Who We Are

Special needs hockey is indeed something “special” Fans cheer as loudly for the opposition as they do for their own teams, a player that has fallen is usually helped up by a player from the opposition and we’ll play for a tie over a win and often don’t even bother keeping score. Kleenex is a must, so many amazing moments have brought not only parents to tears but the entire coaching staff! The hockey aspect is part of it, being proud to belong to a team builds confidence and gives our players something to look forward to during the season. The friendships that develop continue off the ice and give our families a support outlet with others that understand what it’s like to raise a special needs child.

Formed in 2016 the Electric City Maroon & White started a mission statement of with Everyone Plays which we firmly stand behind. Every child or adult with any physical or developmental need is embraced, welcomed and supported! We are proud to feature hockey players with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, sight and hearing impairments and we include wheelchair participants who are aided by a support coach.

Please feel free to visit our team website or contact me directly.

Chris Williams chris@electriccityspecialneedshockey.com



The team is a registered not-for-profit organization with very limited sponsorship. It’s a 7 month season with our major expenses being ice time, equipment and vehicle rentals as well as covering the financial costs for many of our adult players and low income families when we attend an annual special needs tournament. We travel often as most teams in our league are located at least an hour away and up to 4 hours away. The majority of our adult players do not drive so multiple rental vehicles are required. We will not refuse a player or family if they are unable to financially afford registration fees or equipment #everyoneplays

None of the ECM&W board or volunteers are paid for our services, we’re simply doing this to enrich the lives of those with special needs.

About Our Candles

What started as a small fundraising idea in October 2018 grew quickly thanks to local media outlets and social media. With high hopes of selling 250 candles by December 31st we quickly eclipsed our modest goal selling over 700 candles by the end of the year! 

The Electric City Candle Company was created to provide learning opportunities for children and adults with special needs. These handcrafted soy-based candles provide a valuable, fun and hands-on experience for our players who are proud to say “I made that and I helped raise money to play hockey!” Having fun and collaborating candle making events allows our families and players interact more off the ice to build stronger friendships, more confidence and gives them that joy of acceptance that we all want for our children. These aromatic seasonal scents were handpicked by the team for your enjoyment with 100% of sales going directly back to the organization and “shining a light on special needs”